Yilena Hernandez  is a Fashion & Travel Social Media Influencer. This Cuban beauty is not taking anything for granted and is traveling the world, one city at a time. Yilena loves photography, traveling and shopping,also enjoys taking her fans with her to show them new places around the world via social media. What can I say? I'm a free spirited, carefree Cuban that appreciates everyday by making it count. My love and passion for modeling started at a young age and hard work had gotten me where I am today. I love to travel and absorb from every culture. Who am I? I am growing If you want to know me, walk a day in my heels! You will know that my days start early and them heels bare take a break. Work hard play hard. Enjoy life. I Live everyday doing what you love.  No time for mistakes, but if I do, I learn, correct and do even better than expected. I hope I can count with your votes. Thank you in advance! Don't forget to smile!



Discover all the most beautiful and romantic places in Venice

Dont forget to smile

Yilena Hernandez